My studio

Have you ever been desperately looking for something new, something different, a private spot, an authentic lovely pearl to host your event? This very same place who will turn out your very special moments to an unforgettable experience?
This stylish modern Studio has been tastefully and perfectly conceived by Sean’s mother, a successful and many years experience’s interior designer Sali Chaprak. 
A special place mixing outstanding professional designed items as well as a warm, comfy and welcoming “home sweet home” overall feeling, an astonishing open space to host any kind of event.
The kitchen is fully equipped with state-of-the art tools appliances, an active bar, loaded closets with brand new tools, extra-large fridges among them a wine refrigerator.
A huge high-quality wooden table for up to 24 guests and more settings for added guests.
A daily maintenance is ensured for immediate booking, anytime.  
A chilling atmosphere emanating from the area, meters away from the Greek and the flea markets, both wildly awaken the senses, such a typical “Jaffa” experience…     
The attractive Studio’s location perfectly merges with the vibrant nearby colorful and tasty food market’s fragrances.
Surrounded by lovely exclusive art craft shops, this unique “room with a view” over Tel Aviv -Jaffa’s waterline is a haven of peace and serenity.  
Alongside, the Studio is the home for various cooking and other workshops as prior vision of this unique site setting was to turn it into a vibrant food, fashion and Design center.
The Studio can be booked for shootings, workshops, meetings, sales events and more.
Rates are based on the event’s purpose and the number of hours needed.



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