The Ashkelon gifted kid grew up in a warm passionate and food lovers’ home.
Culinary art has never been completely foreign to Sean though the idea of dedicating himself to food business never really occurred to him so far.
As growing up, Sean started thinking about moving from his home town to the big city, and here he goes taking a job at Tel Aviv Montefiore Hotel’s prestigious kitchen, the place he will accomplish his cooking apprenticeship and then moving from there to the most crowded restaurant in town: La Brasserie.
In recent years, he experimented with numerous cooking trends at leading Israeli and worldwide kitchens which enabled him to gain an invaluable experience and so despite his young age and without qualification.
Alongside his work at top restaurants he felt the need for dedicating himself to creative cooking projects. Sean knew he had to conceive his own cuisine, a meaningful “heart and soul” cooking.
That’s how the “Home Chef” idea was born, a project enabling the achievement of Sean’s wildest cooking dreams.
He now mixes creativity with sophisticated cooking technics, excels at various food textures and esthetical presentations while permanently interacting with his customers and having them taste from his pots while cooking.
Today, Sean lives and breathes from his passion and his newborn “baby”: Sean Chaprak Food”.
“Today I’m fully dedicated to my business: Private meals, special evenings, Chef partnerships, special events at customer’s home, catering, restaurant consulting and more. All this happened thanks to the wonderful, caring and devoted team I’ve set up over time and allowed me to achieve my wildest creative food ideas. I can tell I have realized my dream and I wake up every morning with a smile on my face”.


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